I love bodies. I love how they move and how they support us. It’s a treasure chest full of mysteries to be discovered, yet yours has an innate intelligence that knows exactly what it needs to do when to do it, without our interference. We all know that from time to time we may do things or think things of our body that are not of the highest and best good, even to the point of abuse, yet our bodies do their best to keep the systems running as efficiently as possible. Occasionally, the body does need assistance to reboot itself from outside sources like massage, bodywork, energy work, nutrition, and supplementation, for example.

Since 1997 I have treated 14,000++ bodies and have seen a lot of conditions, injuries and body misalignments and have treated them successfully. However, do you know what the number one thing that my clients want? It’s to relax and feel better about themselves by getting a massage from someone who is excellent at what they do loves what they do and truly cares about their clients. All delivered in a holistic approach.

Are you considering therapeutic massage as part of you self-care regime?

Please contact me at 905-334-0860 or ayanna@massageevolution.ca to discuss which treatment options would best suit you.

  • Graduated from McMaster University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Life Science Degree.
  • Attending Sutherland-Chan Massage Therapy School, graduating in 1997.
  • Thai massage training since 2004.
  • ALIGN Foundations Practitioner August 2018
  • Access Bars® Foundations Practitioner February 2019
  • Brand Partner Holistic Anti Aging Company Neora

I treat young children, athletes both young and old, children, palliative, office workers, retirees, massage lovers and more…