COVID -19 Protocols for Massage Evolution

Massage At My Location

  1. When you arrive, the front door will be open. Come right on in and lock the door behind you.
  2. Before coming into and after finishing in the massage room, please wash your hands.
  3. I have masks for you on the table in a box that you may take before the massage and use it during the massage. You may bring your own mask if you prefer.
  4. There is a dark brown hook on the moulding next to the sliding doors where you can hand your clothing and bag.
  5. Start face down on the table and I will come into the room once you are settled.
  6. If for whatever reason you are not well, feeling under the weather or any reason at all that you need to cancel, you can do so right up to before your treatment. No cancellation fees will apply from now on. Please read screening questions before arriving and I will also check in with you by text before your massage. This same rule also applies to me. If I am feeling under the weather, unwell, or have said yes to any of the screening questions, I too, will cancel.
  7. Before your massage, let me know what areas you’d like to focus on.
  8. If you have any questions, please message me!

For Outcall Clients

I will be temporarily be reducing the numbers of outcalls to minimize possible transmission risks.

  1. When I arrive, I will send you a quick message. Confirm where you’d like me to set up. Open windows for air circulation before the start of massage then again once the treatment is completed and I have left your home.
  2. If you are comfortable, please leave the front door open, I will let myself in and begin setting up and the disinfection process.
  3. I will wash hands when I arrive, before we start, after we finish and before I leave.
  4. Just a reminder to clear area where I’ll be working.
  5. Please use a mask for the full duration of the Massage. You can use your own mask or
    disposable masks that I have on hand.