Massage Therapy

Can be a more relaxing massage to restore and rejuvenate the body or deeper tissue to transform the body from burnout to balance.

Use relaxation massage to calm the mind and to give you downtime for sleep, deep relaxation for body and mind. Alternatively, you may prefer more in-depth techniques to treat more rigid and resistant body parts. This option is perfect for those who need to take care of themselves or as a part of a maintenance health program. Add aromatherapy to enhance the massage experience and breathing techniques to deepen the relaxation experience.

Thai Massage

Has a lack of activity or lots of action left your body feeling tight and restricted?

Has it hit you that you are not as flexible as you once were? This massage is excellent for you. All you need to do is lie down and allow me to do the yoga-style stretching for you in a calm and relaxing environment.

Head Face and Scalp Massage

Life pressures and physical pressures leave the weight of the world on our shoulders. With thousands of thoughts running through our heads each day, worries and anxieties, we are constantly living in our heads.

Having a head, face and scalp massage will help lift those burdens from our bodies. These highly sensitive areas, rich with nerve endings allow for a massage that is highly stimulating yet relaxing at the same time. It releases tension that you didn’t even know you had! Get ready to be lulled asleep or in a deep state therapeutic pleasure.

Massage Meditations

Why not experience the best of both worlds by combining mind-body relaxation and well-being into one holistic treatment.

Shift your focus from the hundreds of thoughts in your head to feeling the relaxing benefits that the massage will bring. This option is the best of both worlds combining mind-body relaxation and well-being into one holistic treatment.

ALIGN Foundations

ALIGN Foundations is an incredibly effective and gentle realignment therapy that helps you re-establish good posture from the head to the foot.

It’s a detailed and a measurable therapy that assesses your posture and movement patterns throughout all ranges in your body to gain insights about you. It also connects how mind states relate to specific ranges of motion and movement patterns in the body. It can be used other health, wellness and manual therapy disciplines such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, and massage.

  • Have you had pain in an area, had many therapies to resolve a physical issue and even had x-rays or MRI’s which show no physical injuries to those areas?
  • Are you in a sedentary job that has contorted you into a less-than-ideal posture?
  • Moreover, has this chronically poor posture causes pains in your neck or shoulders?
  • Nerve pain in the arms, hips, and legs?
  • Do you get headaches often?
  • Do you often exercise but finding that you are getting injured a lot, preventing you from keeping up consistently with your exercise regime?
  • Are you and child or adult in competitive sports who would like posture correction for more optimal performance?

Then ALIGN Foundations may be a great option for you!

ALIGN Foundations identifies areas of pressure and misalignment and corrects them to create optimal support, space, energy, and connectedness in the body.

What can you expect from the ALIGN Systems treatments?

  • Restore Vitality to areas affected by trauma, injury and stress
  • Relief of headaches, neck and back pain
  • Reduce stress on the spine to decrease risk of injuries and promote better posture
  • Let go of annoyances that come with living with a sore, achy and irritated body.
  • Increase mental focus to get the most out of work and study efforts
  • Improve confidence and charisma, empowering you to make a positive impression wherever you go
  • Move with agility, power and grace no matter your age
  • Restore symmetry in the body to look and feel more youthful and radiant

As an ALIGN Foundations Practitioner, I use the ALIGN system to show you a more natural and faster way to achieve more effective posture and movement correction. It brings an end to confusion and an end to pain-chasing. It’s a road map to the root cause of dysfunction in the body. It’s a method to real, measurable progress.

Access Bars®

What are Access Bars®?

Access Bars consists of a set of processes and tools that help people to become more conscious and aware.

The Bars® are series of 32 points on the head that when held, there’s a release of the storage of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and attitudes that we thought were important to us. These include peace, calm, money, control, creativity, relationships with our bodies and sexuality and more. We become more present and feel more at ease.

Access Bars® can be used towards making changes in our life. When we are more present, conscious and aware, it can be a starting point towards healing.

Your only job when receiving a session is to receive the treatment given to you, zone out and sleep if you wish. I will do the rest!

Each session can be anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the client. Everyone’s results vary. Most experience deep relaxation, tingling in the body or vibrations.

For more info on Access Bars® or Access Consciousness®, please visit

How much change are you willing to receive?