Massage Services

Massage Therapy

Can be a more relaxing massage to restore and rejuvenate the body or deeper tissue to transform and release long standing tension. Use relaxation massage to calm the mind and to give you downtime for sleep, deep relaxation for body and mind. Alternatively, you may prefer more in-depth techniques to treat more rigid and resistant body parts.

This option is perfect for those who need to take care of themselves or as a part of a maintenance health program. Add aromatherapy to enhance the massage experience and breathing techniques to deepen the relaxation experience.

Strength Stability & Mobility

This is a 15 minute routine that you can do daily or several time per week, to challenge and improve your strength, stability and mobility. You can do it before or after cardio or as a stand alone routine. This can help to optimize and prolong the beneficial effects from your massage.

Thai Yoga Stretching

Has a lack of activity or lots of action left your body feeling tight and restricted? Has it hit you that you are not as flexible as you once were? This massage is excellent for you. All you need to do is lie down and allow me to do the yoga-style stretching for you in a calm and relaxing environment.

Lymphatic Drainage – 60 mins

Your lymphatic system is part of your immune system and has many functions. They include protecting your body from illness-causing invaders, maintaining body fluid levels, absorbing digestive tract fats, and removing cellular waste. Blockages, diseases, or infections can affect your lymphatic system’s function. Lymphatic drainage massage or manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique used to relieve swelling. Painful swelling in areas like the arms or legs caused by lymphedema is sometimes the result of surgical procedures or chronic venous insufficiency ( i.e leg veins that don’t return the blood back to the heart effectively). The techniques are applied gently over specific areas of the body to help the lymph to move through better functioning lymph vessels. Ask to see if this treatment is appropriate for you.

In recent times, Lymphatic Drainage massage has been seeing huge interest. People are more in tune with wellness self care, beauty and longevity. Here are some reasons for its popularity:

  • Wellness Trends
  • Health Benefits – circulation, reducing swelling, boosting immune system
  • Post-Surgical Recovery
  • Beauty and Esthetics
  • Social Media
  • Stress Relief

This massage can be done daily upon waking, before sleep, or when you have a moment where you feel you’d like to use this stimulating and relaxing routine for your well-being.

AromaSuma Aromatherapy

Using the power of plants to support he body in immunity, relaxation, improved mood, and much more. (Coming Soon)

ALIGN Foundations

Mind and Body Integration at it’s Best!

ALIGN Foundations is an incredibly effective and gentle realignment discipline that focuses on re-establishing good posture, core engagement by re-establishing proper bio-mechanics in the foot, stimulating acupressure and reflex points in the feet, hands, and head.

ALIGN Foundations identifies areas of pressure and misalignment and corrects them to create optimal support, space, energy, and connectedness in the body.

  • What can you expect from the ALIGN Systems treatments?
  • Restore Vitality to areas affected by trauma, injury and stress
  • Relief of headaches, neck and back pain
  • Reduce stress on the spine to decrease risk of injuries and promote better posture
  • Let go of annoyances that come with living with a sore, achy and irritated body.
  • Increase mental focus to get the most out of work and study efforts
  • Improve confidence and charisma, empowering you to make a positive impression wherever you go
  • Move with agility, power and grace no matter your age
  • Restore symmetry in the face to look and feel more youthful and radiant
  • Improve sleep quality